• 10% Discount on all parts & supplies purchased at Holden Family RV (located next to the campground).

  • Leave your camper at the campground during the off-season at no charge*. (*Seasonal customers only)

  • Storage and winterization is also available at Holden Family RV.  See Matt for rates.

  • Need maintenance work on your camper?  Maintenance can be done right at your site, if possible.  (10% discount on parts and supplies)

  • Major maintenance can be done off-season if you leave your camper at the campground.  Off-season maintenance work has a 20% discount on parts and labor.

  • Buy a camper at Holden Family RV and get free camping at the campground.  See dealership for details.

  • Want to sell your camper?  Inquire at Holden Family RV for a fair, honest deal.