Rental Rates

 DailyWeekly4 Weeks*Season*
Before Tax$41.25$247.71$743.12$2,230.00
With 9% Tax$45.00$270.00$810.00$2,430.00
Pull Thru with Tax$50.00$300.00$900.00$2,700.00
*Plus Electric
Before Tax$41.25
With 9% Tax$45.00
Pull Thru With Tax$50.00
Before Tax$247.71
With 9% Tax$270.00
Pull Thru With Tax$300.00
4 Weeks*
Before Tax$743.12
With 9% Tax$810.00
Pull Thru With Tax$900.00
Before Tax$2,230.00
With 9% Tax$2,430.00
Pull Thru With Tax$2,700.00
*Plus Electric

Season is May 1st to October 15th.

Rates based on Maximum of 2 Adults and 2 Children (under 18)
Additional Persons: $5.00 each per night.
Day Visitors: $5.00 per Person.

Staying Off Season is by Agreement Only.
Off Season Rate for Seasonal Campers is $25.00 per Day (includes tax and electric)
Non-Seasonal Campers are at Regular Rates unless otherwise agreed.

Tent Sites: $20.00 per Day

Drive-In use of Dump Station: $20.00

Deposit to Hold Reservation:
10% of Total (Minimum $45.00)

Cancellation Fee:
If you cancel 3 days or more before your check-in day, there is no cancellation fee. If you cancel one or two days before your check-in day, the cancellation fee is $45. If you cancel on or after your check-in day, there are no refunds for the first three days of your reservation.l

Memorial Day Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday)
July 3rd, 4th and 5th
Labor Day Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

On Site Camper Rental Rates

 DailyWeekly4 Weeks*Season*
Travel Trailer with Tax$66.00$462.00$1,848.00$5,544.00
5th Wheel with Tax$86.00$602.00$2,408.00$7,244.00
Security Depoist: $100
Cash or Credit Card Only
Tax Exempt - divide by 1.09
Deposit: 10% (one week minimum)
*Plus Electric
One Week Minimum
Travel Trailer with Tax$66.00
5th Wheel with Tax$86.00
Travel Trailer with Tax$462.00
5th Wheel with Tax$602.00
4 Weeks*
Travel Trailer with Tax$1,848.00
5th Wheel with Tax$2,408.00
Travel Trailer with Tax$5,544.00
5th Wheel with Tax$7,244.00
*Plus Electric
Security Deposit $100
Cash or Credit Card Only
Tax Exempt divide by 1.09
Deposit: 10% (One Week Minimum)